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Founded in 2006, MRT design is an award winning spatial design studio based in Shanghai, with a portfolio that covers the range from large mixed use developments to intimate residential interiors. Our team is composed of designers with diverse backgrounds and experiences.  This enables us to provide solutions ranging from spatial design, strategy, and product development.

成立于2006年,MRT设计是一个综合形的设计工作室。我们的作品涵盖从大型商业综合体到住宅室内。我们的团队由具有不同背景和多年经验的设计师组成; 因此我们的服务范围从空间设计到战略和研发。

Recognitions / 认可

作品广泛发表于《AD》、《ELLEDECO》、《ID China》、《id+c》和《Surface》等国内外专业媒体,深受业界好评。代表作品有:野兽派花店、申活馆、IMUSE咖啡理发店、wanawon珠宝、上海井福渔炎餐厅;万科徐汇中心、虹口商业中心、张江商业中心;南京绿地高铁办公总部;梦想改造家节目项目。











2016 年 颜呈勋荣获广州设计周40 UNDER 40 中国设计杰出青年



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PROTOTYPING WORKSHOP 打样间  Our own workshop space We have had our own workshop / prototyping space since we moved to our current location in 2010 but not many people outside of our staff have seen it. Not only does it enable us to do physical mockups and models...

Plastic Bench 再生塑料凳

RECYCLED PLASTIC BENCH 再生塑料凳子  Using Recycled HEPE plastic in furniture Quick update on our recycled plastic furniture design progress. We are prototyping an HDPE plastic bench using post industrial and consumer plastic that is melted into large sheets that can...

Digital Wall RnD 数字荧幕墙

Digital Wall RnD 数字荧幕研发  RnD into different digital wall displays Want to share some of our research into different types of way to integrate digital displays into walls of our projects. We were asked by our clients to see how we can put non traditional displays...


融 编织展 @ 设计上海 2023  An Exhibit of Research into Weaving Rong Libaray is a research and craft preservation organization based in Hangzhou. But they say it a little better on their website: Róng Design Library was founded by PINWU Design Studio in 2015. It is a...

设计上海2023 VB 唯宝

Design Shanghai 设计上海 2023  Villeroy & Boch Booth Design Design Shanghai is one of the larger design focused expos here in Asia and this year MRT design was responsbile for the design of Villeroy & Boch's booth at the expo showing off their latest...

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