Kingbaby 珠宝门店

Even with an established international cult following for its individualistic silver jewerly, King baby had no established mono-brand store design standard when it entered the China market in 2014. Mrt design was tasked with designing a consistent retail design language for the Chinese market that reflects the brand’s messaging and values. Using exisitng grpahics and assets as a starting point, the use of drak steel, chrome, brass along with industrial and gothic flourishes creates a retail environment that Kingbaby itself would call “the spirit of America with rock n’ roll sex appeal”.

Mrt design is also responsible for ongoing iterative updates to the design standard to reflect changes in consumer sensibilites and cost optimization.

scope: facade, interior & design standard book 立面, 室内,设计标准规划

Completed & ongoing 竣工 + 进行中 / 2014 / Shanghai, Beijing & others 全国 / 60-200 SQM


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