Our own workshop space

We have had our own workshop / prototyping space since we moved to our current location in 2010 but not many people outside of our staff have seen it. Not only does it enable us to do physical mockups and models but we are able to even make some custom and bespoke pieces for some of our projects (梦想改造家‘s TV program is a obvious one but also for others). We also do a lot of work for our product design in this space to, often taking concept sketches to 1:1 mockups within the confines of our office. Besides the normal wood working equipment; other tools include: laser cutter, resin 3d printer,  band saw, drill press and a large enough air compressor to drive paint sprayers and the like. Probably the most useful to us is the laser cutter since it is well suited to the cad workflow. The place is a bit too small for a spray booth and while we had a MIG welder in the workshop for a while (while making a “car” for Haier / Casarte), we had to give it up since it was just a little too much.  Anyway, here are some not so up to date photos of the space.


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